Friday, December 23, 2011

Lemme Holla

We've been slacking for the ill minute (haha, don't know why I wrote that) but yeah, we haven't been doing our part on posting more. As you know, this time of year gets very busy and also there hasn't been a lot of real interesting stuff for us to post.
Like this post for instance, is pointless. But hey, so is a lot of our posts. And you want something that's informative, well I'm sorry sir you came to the wrong blog.
It's the time of the year where everyone really wants to be someone, especially on these cold winter nights you need someone to cuddle up to, right? Well, in need of a person? Have you been slacking on your game and can't get a girl (or guy)?
If you answered YES to any of those questions, you came to the right blog :D
Here are some pickup lines to guarentee on you getting someone or you're money back :)
  • I like you're last name, can I have it ?
  • I'm not Santa, but you can sit on my lap.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. The sun is hot and so are you.
  • Are your legs tired? Because you've been running through my mind all day.
  • Girl you look so good, I wish could plant you and grow a whole field of yall.
  • I think I've seen your picture somewhere before. Oh that's right, it's in the dictionary right next to KABLAAAM!
  • Are you a magnet, cause I'm attracted to you.
  • You have more curves than a hotwheels track.
  • Hey baby come see me, I'm horny.
  • I love you more than Milhouse loves Lisa.
  • Damnnn, can I get your algebra ?
  • If you were the sea, I'd let you go under.

Yeah I ran out of pick up lines.

But I'm sure one of them can get you someone special ;)

or a whore.

I mean, whatever floats you boat.

Happy Holidays

from us at Perfect Chemistry :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping It 100

Let's just say, we FINALLY hit 100 posts on the blog :] about damn time, we know, we apologize for slacking. But we did it!
And incase you're wondering, the pic above is a picture taken by the newspaper in front of the school we go to, BLA - Boston Latin Academy. Most of us have been going there for almost 6 years now and although most of us won't admit we like this place, we do. I mean, it's a real crappy building but BLA should stay here and not get moved to small ass Hyde Park High. I know right, it's ridiculous.
So there was a protest outside the school today to give one last chance to ban the move of the school, and I hope everyone and all the news people say this and this kid Beshaunn in full support that BLA is home to us, and it should stay where it is.
Props to Beshaunn holding that "Home Sweet Home"sign, you're finally famous!!!
And let's just hope these idiots actually change their mind on moving BLA.
At times, it's a real crappy place to be,
but the sign has a lot of truth to it.
-Perfect Chemistry :]


We can't help, but we love Jersey Shore. They're really funny at times, and we also have a thing for ITALIANS ;)
One person we like on the cast ALOTTTTT, is Vinny Guadagnino. And if you didn't know, he has his own youtube channel which is great.
Here's two awesome videos with Vinny in it ;)

Uh huh, you know what it is, I met a black girl and her booty biggg (Vinny's Rap)

This video is hilarious! Just see for yourself.

And here's one more video for yous guys. It's called Vinny's Birthday Party, and if you didn't know, he made it a while after that chick from 1st season of Jersey Shore - "Angelina" released her uhm song (which plays in the video). Yeah, Angelina SUCKS at singing, it's pretty obvious.

-Perfect Chemistry :]

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seeking Attention

I was trying to make some point with these pics,
but I guess there really isn't one.
Well, hope you enjoyed that.
-Lizi :]


It's crazy to believe Suzy and I are already seniors; I swear I was in kindergarten the other day. Well maybe not k2 but man, does time fly byyyyy, it's kind of a bittersweet thing.
Today in school I was thinking about kindergarten actually, and I started thinking about being in school for like the past 11 years and a lot has occured, education and social wise.
I just want to reminisce on the good ol days, where you had no worries, life and music was breezy and you had no idea when you were graduating from high school. It's really weird though cause now that I think about it, once you get older you wish to have your childhood and everything in it back.

- Just felt the need to share some thoughts with you all. And by the way, make sure to enjoy the blog as much as possible, especially this school year. Cause anything worth mentioning during senior year is probably worth posting to you all ;) so stay tuned for a few posts this month *we've been slackinggggg but we'll make it up to our readerss:)

I feel like this post needs some pics but I'll make it in the next post after this
(felt the need to share all my thoughts right now)
-Lizi :]
p.s. '12 is the best class
GETHIPP or go home!
#SENIO12lifelikeee :D

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Want My Old TV!

I'm sure everybody's mind was blownnnnnn when Teennick decided to have a 90s lineup every weekend showing the classicly beloved shows we grew up with during that time. I sure as hell enjoyed watching Kenan, Kel, Doug and anything and everything that I adored watching on tv during the 90s.
So if you didn't know, Nickelodeon is a network under MTV, same as VH1 is under MTV or "sister network' commonly mentioned in tv talk. On August 1, 2011 (which was the other day) MTV turned 30 years old. Apparently they wanted to stay 29 Forever (haha) and didn't even celebrate the big 3-0. How could they do that ! I know for a fact that the viewers who are reading this blog haven't been alive for 30 years, but I honestly was dissapointed that they didn't air anything on MTV that was from 1981 up till now....only thing was pregnant teenagers and a bunch of guidos. MTV why you gotta thug me like that?!
I found out MTV was turning 30 through a article on yahoo! and I was ampd cause I later saw that the were gonna celebrate....but on the fuck do you do that MTV? I was excited to see old music videos, I always wanted to see Yo! Mtv Raps, ohhh Bevis & Butthand..but no, only VH1 CLASSIC was airing this. That's just stupid.
I wanted my 90s and Teennick answered...So THANK YOU! for giving me my 90s back, but MTV didn't wanna ruin their current rep with viewers by showing what basically gave them success for 30 freaking years and they refused to give me my MTV!
The 90's Are All That but,
Sadly..MTV Killed the Video Star.
(& if you didn't know the 1st thing that aired on MTV
back in '81 was the The Buggles
"Video Killed The Radio Star"music video, you know nothing about old tv).
-Disgruntled 90s kid.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

It was reported today that the 27 year old singer Amy Winehouse died (of unknown causes yet to be determined) in her London home. She now joins the '27 club' which includes Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison & Janis Joplin who also died at 27.
I could go on about this like all the other news websites are currently doing. But I'd just rather think of her great music, so here's a few of my favorite songs of hers.

"Love Is a Losing Game"

"You Know I'm No Good"

-We will always appreciate
your musical genius.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Grande The Better

I'm pretty sure you guys have heard Rihanna's song "Only Girl In The World" which is a really good song. But Ariana Grande's version is DOPE BEYOND WORDS...well in my opinion. In case you were wondering, Ariana Grande is the cute little red head on a Nick show called Victorious and if you never watched the show before, you need to know she has an amazing voice.
Here's Ariana Grande singing Only Girl In the World.

If you liked her singing,
you should definitely check her page on Facebook.
Here's one more song for you
cause I'm sure you couldn't get enough
of Ariana's singing :
-Perfect Chemistry :]

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Competition In The Room

This past month, a bunch of artists have been remixing the song "MARVIN'S ROOM" and of course you as listeners youre gonna criticize/admire certain versions. If you still haven't heard,
I'll let you decide for yourself, here's some different versions of it.

Fuck that new blog that you like so bad,
I know you still think bout the posts we had.
(check out our version of marvin's room
coming sooon !! aha, jkay)

Monday, June 27, 2011

I've Been Tryna Find You Like Waldo Shawtyyy

Idk but the other day the random thought of WALDO came to mind. You know Waldo!
Guy with brown hair, jeans, white & red striped hat and shirt and occasionally carries around a cane and/or backpack like all over the world. YEAH, that Waldo.
Its funny how wherever Waldo goes, there are always some look alikes and some people who happen to wear red and white stripes to throw you off your game of finding him, those mofos, haha.
Waldo's been all over the world and back, I think he has yet to get lost in the hood and for you to find him, but now that I think about it....that wouldn't be that hard to look for him...that outfit in the hood would be noticable from a mile away.

Still working on finding Waldo...can you find him?


where in the world is

-Perfect Chemistry

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Closet

If yall ain't listened to Big Sean's Finally Famous Mixtape you definitely should!
Big Sean/Sayitainttone just released their "My Closet" music video.

Shiiiit's good, but I was hoping they'd have more brands & more clothing's called my closet for a reason.

Oh, that's ya girl?
I seen her in my closet
She was hanging off the hangers
when I banged her in my closet.
-Big Sean*


-Perfect Chemistry :]

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So you're probably thinking, what the hell is "Swelly"? Well, I heard it somewhere before but honestly forgot the exact meaning of the word, but it was originally made up by the group Chiddy Bang. You may know them for a little song called Opposite of Adults & you may have heard their song on the new taco bell commercial for those nasty 12 tacos in a box (haha).
Anyways, they have a new mixtape out,and if your interested in hearing more of their music (which you should be interested in anyways) you need to check it out!

Chiddy Bang - Peanut Butter & Swelly:
You like the video? Then download the mixtape, its dopeee!

Keep it swelly.
-Perfect Chemistry

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bow Down To The Pharoah

Jared Antonio Farrow, otherwise known as Jay Pharoah, is the awesomest comedian/ impressionist around! You may know him from this past season of Saturday Night Live. Apparently he's the youngest on the cast at the age of 23, and this guy will blow your mind at how great and fantasicly awesome he is.

Jay Pharoah does impressions like

Arby's does sandwiches.

-Lizi :]

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're Still Here

I don't know about you but

Today I didn't even have to use my A-K,

I gotta say today was a good day.

-Perfect Chemistry

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr. Funny Man

There are so many actors and comedians out there in the industry, but you have to admit that the men hold down the jokes more than the women...humor just comes naturally to them. Here's a list of some of the funniest men around (in no specific order).

Kevin Hart

Zach Galifianakis (incase you didn't know, Zach is the one with the beard)

Andy Samberg
Justin Timberlake

Kenan Thompson

Russell Brand


Jay Pharoah

Chris Rock

Steve Carell

Will Ferrell

Gabriel Iglesias

Dave Chappelle

Oh, you funny huh?

-Perfect Chemistry

Friday, May 6, 2011

My President Is...A Comedian

My president is black, my lambo is blue, my president is a comedian....i didn't know that was true. --Sorry, couldn't help but get that lyric in there and add that last part, but come on, it was perfectly set up right there.
Anyways, as of last month, President Obama was speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner. And I know most of yall are like 'I don't give a fuck about no dinner at the white house' but see, this is actually something you need to see for yourself.
I'm pretty sure these stiff politicans and rich and slightly famous people haven't seen a Correspondents Dinner like this....EVER! It's honestly pretty entertaining, there's plenty of jokes & some ODB playing at one point...and after watching this I'm sure you'll agree Obama is the mannnnnnn (&he got those jokes on Donald Trump too!) (the video basically starts at 1:28)

"...and that's because he can finally get back to

focusing on the issues that matter.

Like, did we fake the moon landing?

What really happened in Roswell?

And where are Biggie and Tupac?"

-President Obama

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey Baby

If your slacking on your game and haven't gotten a girl in a whileeeee, then this post may be for you. So I was talking with someone the other day and we came across how some guys try using cheesy pick up lines. But you know, it all depends on how well you work it...either that or your just not cute enough. And don't worry, if you need to step up your game, try watching these uhh helpful videos.

I noticed you noticing me,

so I just wanted to put you on notice

that I noticed you too.

-Perfect Chemistry

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Have A Nice Decade

Here are photos that have EVERYTHING to do with the '90s....incase you forgot what happened between 1990 and 1999.

there's too much in the 90s.

but you know, we'll have that decade

in our heart.

-Lizi :]