Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Will Never Be The Same

We all know that EVERY summer, there's always those summer hits that get stuck in your head and you'll forever them remember on your ipod thinking..oh man, summer of 03..that was my summer man!
So lemme take you back a few summer agos :]
Summer of '07 :

Summer of '06:

Summer of '05:

Summer of '04:

Summer of '03:

Summer of '03:

Summer of '02:

Out of all the summers that the 2000's has brought, I think summer of '03 was the best; all the fun, memories, and dope music to go with it
-Lizi :]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Killer Tofu

Yeaa so on friday I got confirmed with a few other people from school. Lemme just say, friday night was a pretty interesting time, especially the party that was after the confirmation...you should have been there xD And saturday night there was a party at my house, but it turned out to be nothing special...not many showed up but it's all good.
One conversation I remembered I had with one person I invited was about old shows and how these days little kids are being exposed to too much. I mean really, where is the simplicity and the enjoyment of watching cartoons like it use to be when we were younger?Anyways, one cartoon we talked about was DOUG. You remember Doug right, I mean how could you not? Yeah there was his dog Porkchop, his friend Skeeter...who we all know is suppose to be the black one on the show (lol) and there was the love of his life, Patti Mayonnaise. OH, and we can't forget Doug's favorite band...THE BEETS!!!! remember them, they always played TWO SONGS: Shout Your Lungs Out and Killer Tofu.

You gotta roll your windows down, you gotta rock your socks, you gotta roll your soul, bust a vocal cord, you gotta lose control. YOU GOTTA SHOUT YOUR LUNGS OUT!

Did you remember that Doug's last name was Funnie?

I didn't know that...I just remembered

Porkchop, Judy, Patti, Skeeter, oh &


-Lizi :]

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SAY WHAT ?!?!?!!

IS IT JUST ME OR DOES THIS VIDEO MAKE NO SENSE....... i mean, maybe if u could actually understand wat the hell they're saying it could possibly make a good party song xP

off to find more wacked out hispanics to join Lizi,
~ SUZY :)

Guess What .....

Ok so I figured I'd do a post to fill you in on wat's been going on lately. Due to my laziness i haven't been doing my job & Lizi has threaten to "go hispanic on my ass" (watever that mean .... lol). HOWEVER, it's been so long I don't even remember if anything blog worthy happened.... Srry!

the only things i can think of are:
1) my niece's 3rd bday party YAY! CAKE xD
2) getting a busted lip from playing soccer with Harvey .... (JERK! lol)
3) Robert making me trip over my own foot resulting in me busting my ass & hitting my head on the cement .... I now have a lump on the back of my head
4) Lizi and I started a notebook, so we no longer pass notes in the hallway & we can keep track of all the stupid shit that happens in a skool like ours xP
5) having my family say I look like an avatar .... which i dnt think is funny >:O
6) my godsister's 12th bday YAY! MORE CAKE .....


that's all i got, & it should keep Lizi from become more hispanic than she already is ....

signing off, yours truely
~SUZY :)