Sunday, May 31, 2009


alrite, so i got a question for all yall out there. wat do u get wen u add Cape Verdeans and liquor??

okk, i'll just have to tell u..... one drunk ass mother F****R on a motorcycle. [lmfao insider]

had a cook out over the aunt's cribb on saturday and very one seemed to be drunk by the end of the nite. it was like comedy central LIVE out there. these people were talking about the funniest shit and the sad part is they wouldn't be able to remember any of it. thank god this dude made it home safe; riding his cheetah-200 while he's way past tipsy. let's just say that we know how to party!! :D

** BTW: i didn't get home till exactly 4:55 in the A.M. **

well i'm off this

Friday, May 29, 2009


Okk people let's set the record straight. Just cause someone (i don't even know who) has swine at BLA does NOT mean the rest of us have it. =p I'm sick of people (*cough* Robert *cough*) calling me or anyone i go to school with Swine.

I'll repeat that 1 last time for all you slow ones out there:
I DO NOT have swine or any flu for that matter.
and I'm pretty sure Lizi doesn't have it either!!!

so stop covering your mouth and treating me with a mask
(again *cough* Robert *cough*)
I'm out.... LMAO
~Suzy~ :D
Robert's an idiot, calling people swine. Shows he's not smart with better comebacks, yet he has all the time in the world to think of em since he has no life and belt ! I don't get why Robert will go to the movies with someone he thinks has swine; and you know what I would continue this but I can't so
xP im outt

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Heart Stephen (repost)

(Due to the fact that I'm gettin blamed for telling the "world" about this I HEART STEPHEN incident, I decided to repost this but make it short and simple. The only name that is and will be mentioned is Stephen, and the victim of this event [haha] will remain nameless. So if YOU are reading this again, don't worry, we didn't get many views when the original post of I Heart Stephen was posted.)

p.s. the victim tried giving me 'swine flu' by coughing on my hair (thanks xP) & hugging? (idk if you wanna call it that) me from the back (and NO, he didn't get it from the back; shutup)

I heart Stephen =]

aww, ain't that sweet, lmao.

(not fully satisfied, but)
im outt;
-lizi xP

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Money, Mula, Guap

There are many ways to say money and there are many ways to spend it. As some know I ran into a little (or a lot) of dinero last week. And I was like DAMN I've never had that much money before. That was the ONLY moment in my life where I had ALOT of money and I can just carry it around, put a rubber band around it and show it off. But I'm modest, I'd wouldn't do that...well maybe I would :] So I decided I would spend some of the money I just wasn't sure on what. I decided on asking some of my friends and these were a few of the responses :

1. burst into song ("got money and you know it, take it out your pocket and show it.." (and actually do as instructed lol]
2. kicks clothes food condoms xP (thanks for the advice...]
3. put money towards factories in China. Get the merchandise they make for cheap and put a ridiculous price on it over here. (OMG, that's the first that came into my mind too!]
4. buy myself a damn pony (because somebody doesn't want to get me one, well, they'll get me a pony but they won't be the one cleaning it lol]
5. give money to a friend or two (mainly to the one who is always broke]

Personally I'm amazed that nobody gave me these ideas:

-put money towards the new awareness : ADOPT A KANYE (it adds an ethnic feel to your family :] Adopt a Kanye today! lol]
-start a record label (I can find good talent, be successful for the ill minute and just disappear. Then have a Mase comeback where people in the streets would start saying : Welcome back, Welcome back, Lizi's back]
-open a strip club (aha, I'm amazed nobody suggested that]
-expand my sneaker collection (I've been doing that but I don't really considerate it a collection, if you've seen it tell me what you think]
-put the money towards a car (I CAN'T even afford a WORKING hooptie, it's more like hello fisher-price car]
Now I have some interesting ideas to take into consideration.
Either way till I figure what I'm going to spend it on, I got bread baby :] and you don't !
well I'm out;
-Lizi :]

Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Guy [i had 2 do it]


"I was looking at the kids, thnx"

Ok, so here's the deal. My sister, our friend, my niece, our friend's baby, and I were on our way home from the beach the other day. So we're standing there waiting for the bus/train when we notice this white dude looking at our asses. My sister, and her big mouth, just had to say something. and this is how the convo. went:

sis.: you like that ass, huh?
dude: i was looking at the kids, thanks. [referring to the bay-bays]
friend: is that what they call it these days?!

The dude, embarrassed enough, just walks onto his bus without another word. Meantime, my sister and her friend made the best of it by making smart remarks like: " i love your kids." and "take care of those kids for me" , all night.

It was just one of those things where you had to be there, sooo funny!!

I"m out, ~SUZY~ xD