Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Competition In The Room

This past month, a bunch of artists have been remixing the song "MARVIN'S ROOM" and of course you as listeners youre gonna criticize/admire certain versions. If you still haven't heard,
I'll let you decide for yourself, here's some different versions of it.

Fuck that new blog that you like so bad,
I know you still think bout the posts we had.
(check out our version of marvin's room
coming sooon !! aha, jkay)

Monday, June 27, 2011

I've Been Tryna Find You Like Waldo Shawtyyy

Idk but the other day the random thought of WALDO came to mind. You know Waldo!
Guy with brown hair, jeans, white & red striped hat and shirt and occasionally carries around a cane and/or backpack like all over the world. YEAH, that Waldo.
Its funny how wherever Waldo goes, there are always some look alikes and some people who happen to wear red and white stripes to throw you off your game of finding him, those mofos, haha.
Waldo's been all over the world and back, I think he has yet to get lost in the hood and for you to find him, but now that I think about it....that wouldn't be that hard to look for him...that outfit in the hood would be noticable from a mile away.

Still working on finding Waldo...can you find him?


where in the world is

-Perfect Chemistry

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Closet

If yall ain't listened to Big Sean's Finally Famous Mixtape you definitely should!
Big Sean/Sayitainttone just released their "My Closet" music video.

Shiiiit's good, but I was hoping they'd have more brands & more clothing's called my closet for a reason.

Oh, that's ya girl?
I seen her in my closet
She was hanging off the hangers
when I banged her in my closet.
-Big Sean*


-Perfect Chemistry :]

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So you're probably thinking, what the hell is "Swelly"? Well, I heard it somewhere before but honestly forgot the exact meaning of the word, but it was originally made up by the group Chiddy Bang. You may know them for a little song called Opposite of Adults & you may have heard their song on the new taco bell commercial for those nasty 12 tacos in a box (haha).
Anyways, they have a new mixtape out,and if your interested in hearing more of their music (which you should be interested in anyways) you need to check it out!

Chiddy Bang - Peanut Butter & Swelly:
You like the video? Then download the mixtape, its dopeee!

Keep it swelly.
-Perfect Chemistry