Friday, December 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Random

Perfect Chemistry's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Shirtless posters of people from Twilight - GOOD
  2. Cookies - GOOD but RANDOM
  3. Coupon book - RANDOM but GOOD
  4. Fruit Cake - BAD & FRUITY
  5. Socks - BAD....unless they're fuzzy, then it's GOOD
  6. Coffee Mug - BAD. Seriously, WTF?
  7. Box - GOOD
  8. Blender - RANDOM
  9. Mouse Pad - BAD unless it's of a shirtless dude from twilight
  10. Sexual Shit - GOOD (aka GREATTTT!) to a certain extent
  11. Useless crap from gumball machines - BAD
  12. Underwear - BAD, unless you need some......awkward.
  13. School Supplies - BAD, LAME.
  14. Teddy Bears - GOOD
  15. Giftcards From Walmart - RANDOM
  16. Pajamas - RANDOM but BAD if you sleep in the nude
  17. A Toliet Seat - BAD ...especially if it's not to your comfort expectations.
  18. Holiday Sweater - BAD
  19. Towels - RANDOM
  20. Any Disney Movie - GOOD

Happy Holidays :]

from us at Perfect Chemistry

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6 Levels

In case you guys didn't know, there are 6 different kinds of fats & 6 different kinds of "good" sizing. ...Are you completely lost about what I'm talking about? Want me to explain? ...Gladly.

So if you haven't noticed, there are kind of big/large people in this world, but you know some of them get offended when you call them fat. The reason for that is because you may not be using the correct term of fat...see, there's a science to it. LMAO. Just kidding; in basic terms just know there are 6 different kinds of fat & if you don't believe us, just look at the OFFICIAL FAT CHART below:
1. big
2. healthy
3. husky
4. fluffy
5. DAMN!
&you know when they're a DAMN! if you see them heading to the elevator your on but your still willing to let them on.
&you know they're a OH HELLLLLLL NO!!! if you see them heading to the elevator your on & you yell "OH HELLLLLLL NO!!" & try to press the button to close the elevator as quickly as possible.
So we discovered this list the other day & decided to make our own chart. Ours is called The How You Know It's Good Chart. (just think about it & I'm sure you'll understand)

1. small ones
2. smedium ones
3. average ones
4. intermediate ones
5. big ones
(and the rare but possibly out there)
6. two-for-one
Yea of course our chart is about sizes, but I bet most of you are trying to figure out what we're talking about when we say SIZE...and hopefully the name of our chart makes it easier for you to understand.
yeah, he's definitely a #6 on
the fat chart.
Perfect Chemistry :]

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whose to Say What Happened in 2010?

Idk if it's just me, but I first off can't believe the year is almost over. Second of all, when I think about it, I can barely remember what happened this year.
Although for our readers benefit I tried remembering a few things of this past year & we're asking you guys to put it to a vote.

Vote in our 2010 poll, of the good, better, bad or just plain random things related to this year. All the questions you can vote will be on the blog till next month & will stay on the right side of the blog till the polls close beginning of next year.

Voting starts TODAY & ends JANUARY 1st at 11:59PM. So get to voting ! You have like a month to vote on your favorites and you can vote daily if you really check the blog that often.
2010 : the year of ???
You decide!
-Lizi :]

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Black And Yellow And Full of LA Spirit?

If yall don't know, the day before thanksgiving, is usually a half day for school. And as far as BLA goes, that day is known as SPIRIT DAY.
Finally a junior baby, class of '12 !! Since we're juniors, we had the pep-rally with the seniors aka class of 11. I mean you can give it to them that they were louder then us, but '12 is much better kiddddd !
Kinda sucks that I don't have pics of it with everyone in black and yellow and shouting like crazyyy. But there many pics out there, and yeaa, maybe next year we'll have more pics. All we got are pics of what we did after spirit day. And lemme tell you, the day doesn't end cause you can't see us in black and yellow.

they're trying to enjoy themselves though our homeroom teacher forced us to stay in the room (wack!) but suzana came to the rescue if you wanna say

sugar packets. and a crazy taste test of sugar. you figure out for yourself what happened next

here's to our waiter at Uno's, David.

us advertising on post-its in the train station

alrite, i'll be nice and let em have it

since its their senior year.

Class of '11 got it.

(for this year)

-Lizi :]

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too Free To Freestyle

It amazes me how great of a rapper this kid is. Diggy Simmons is rapping like some rappers ahead of his time. His rapping skills are crazyyyyy! Kid, your only like 15, what?!
Just check it out for yourself, I'm sure your mind will get blownnnn, even just a little bit.

This kid is freestyling like he does it
in his sleep.
-Lizi :]

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


hey guys i need some help...
Please take part in the poll I put up --->

It'll really help me with my creative writing blog.

please and thanks

~Suzy :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blogs. Blogs Everywhere

Sooo I'm taking a creative writing class this year. Yupp, its pretty cool.
Anyway, this term we have to keep a blog and unfortunately I wasn't allowed to use gethipp. Feel free to stop some time and say hi though ---->

Thanks, you guys are the best
~ Suzy

Time for a play

Ok so earlier this month some kids from my school, including Lizi and I, went to see a play at this art school in Boston. The play was Julius Caesar, and despite the fact that is Shakespeare, it was really good. And I think some of our commentary made it even better. We made jokes through the whole thing while still paying attention, even though the spitting actors made it hard.

During intermission we took a look around the building and noticed some interesting art. These students are really talented...

And the day doesn't stop there. After the play Lizi and I decide to head down to Copley for some lunch. On our way there we see a huge stuffed Mickey Mouse on the side walk, so go to talk a picture of it. We had NO IDEA it belonged to the homeless guy standing near by .... But we still got the pic

Yupp, that's how Latin Academy does Field Trips ... you should join us some time :)

~ Suzy signing off


"People asked me why I named this show Conan, I did it so I'll be harder to replace."
If you didn't watch Conan O'Brien's comeback to talk show television this past Monday, then you missed out on an hilarious hour of television.
Nothing gets better than an "ex-tv host" bashing his previous network because he didn't want to go on at 12:05 (haha) and now having a show on TBS that is of course is on BASIC CABLE, but he seems funnier than before.

Here's the link for the season premiere episode of Conan in case you missed it, or you just want to watch it again.

psssst!! "One Hour Closer To Death is on!"
Here's one more clip of Conan cause I know you can't get enough of this guy with kind of awesome hair.

Let's go Team Coco :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Could You Be Any More GAGA?

Within the past year, Lady Gaga has been EVERYWHERE and wearing EVERYTHING. Some of her outfits are shocking, yes. But she's a risk tasking fashionista to say the least.
Gaga as Barbie,and the crazy fashion of this pop icon seems to be just the beginning.

I guess you can say we're GAGA
for this Lady Gaga.

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a JERSEY Thing!

Note: Explicit/Mature (whatever you wanna call it) Content
-one, because it's South Park and two, when you include people from Jersey, they constantly flip out and swear so much it's part of their normal day-to-day vocabulary.
Another note: this post is FULL OF JERSEY. If you don't like New Jersey and the people there, I suggest you still watch this video because it's pretty funny.

And if you don't understand just know
"it's a Jersey thing."
-Lizi :]

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

100 More Moments

If you've been following this blog from the beginning, you would know that we had one post with a 100 moments that we thought were entertaining one way or another in the yr 08-09.
This post includes 100 more moments from the school year of 09-10. Enjoy :)
  1. an inappropriate quote was made because a bag of jollyranchers was carried around
  2. our daily prayer (only because we were being led into temption)
  3. advertising on post-its. yea, that's how we do it :)

  4. (some people were complaining they didn't get any) brownies/cupcakes

  5. thuy became a fairy godmother with her crown and wand on her birthday

  6. 'what happens on my bed, is forever remembered with uhm..memories.....

  7. (what we think is) Mr.Freed's guide to fighting : "wait, before i hurt you, i need to make sure my fingers are at a 45 degree angle"

  8. friday 6th period study with jimmy lane. enough said, aha.

  9. thuy made truffles !

  10. caitlin's "tribe" on her wrist

  11. passing notes (more like letters) in the hall


  13. sweater tuesday :)

  14. the best damn "H" was made

  15. more than a year we had the blog (happy 1 year anniversary!)

  16. it took us a while to find out the names of the power rangers. Graham:".....his name was Tommy"

  17. the waiter at California Pizza Kitchen had great cologne <3

  18. yelling BABATUNDE! during lunch (& getting looks from everyone thinking your just crazy)

  19. what you wear on spirit day should NEVER be worn again, unless you wanna get that "look" from someone

  20. word to the wise:NEVER get a colored jacket (one that isn't black); you'll see what we mean if you didn't listen to our advice

  21. ANOTHER word to the wise: be VERY CAREFUL when you bring 3 balloons to school that say: Congratulations!, Happy Anniversary!, and It's (not) a Boy!

  22. SHUT IT DOWN (by pitbull ft. akon) became our song

  23. something we realized: Doesn't Mr.Freed look like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl when he wears a bow tie and has his hair slicked to the side (see, you agree with that)

  24. mr. c BARELY made it through 1st term because of us (aren't we great students)

  25. "you fell for that" (you point at the person next to you, but apparently where you pointed was inappropriate)

  26. a new family was discovered [Mom-Elizabeth, Daughter-Ariel, Fathers-UNKNOWN] (ariel has 3 children - in case you wanted to know)

  27. Suzana turned 1! (plus 15) on her birthday

  28. matching t-shirts ... "i (heart) my bff"

  29. Suzana's a better playa than you !

  30. PARTY OVER HEREEEEEE! (sweet 16 party bus)

  31. feeding the poor with 20 boxes of pizza

  32. "just dip and blow" (incase you wanted to know, those were the instructions of how to blow a bubble)

  33. "aha yuup i got nasty skills man....i can read with my eyes closed LOL"

  34. getting it in ! ....

  35. ..."his lips looked so good" ['can't believe i said that'..."yeah, you did"]

  36. "making me think is almost as bad as making me do unneccesary exercise"

  37. baking cookies (somewhat of a epic fail)

  38. taking pics at the apple store

  39. this post asked a important question....are you a hoe? lmao.

  40. damn bottle cap speaks the truth (Thank You SoBe)

  41. thuy said that he looks like a mama's boy

  42. an attempt to have a party for our anniversary was thought of but NEVER happened :(

  43. they were stupid enough to argue over how long it takes to there by plane....smh.

  44. taking a random vacation for 2weeks to Guatemala :) [best vacation yet cause i met someone with the name Geraldo (haha), if only friends from Boston got to meet him at the fiesta that had ROJA as a flavor LOL]

  45. "nah, i'm not a hoe, im just a whore"

  46. MCAS nicknames (Bob, Dick, Zander, Mikarolye & Silvester)

  47. countless MCAS FAILS (slow cap, animal sounds)

  48. Chriso's partyyy

  49. Do The Wrong Thing

  50. "he had to plan it out" ;)

  51. Mr.S NEVER BLINKS! lol

  52. not such a great playa after all :(

  53. "omg so cute"..."yeah you look like a lessie" WTF!

  54. 1 year later and STILL no belt for his pants. lmao.

  55. girls health !!

  56. "now that i know where you live, i can stalk you...or i can just come to your house one day and leave a package (of cake) on your front door"

  57. thuy learned some spanish ..... "tu chupar redbull" & "tu chupar redbull porque tu es negro" LMAO

  58. apparently Suzana misses 'everything' when she's not here

  59. everytime you answer the phone you have to say: "YELLOW?!" and they respond "GREEN?"

  60. ONLY whores wear yellow (we think there's a reason for that)

  61. "what...just cause my name's Beshaunn I can't be a girl?" "I, Elizabeth am offended you don't believe Beshaunn over here"

  62. the candy store had some "interesting" stuff in one part of the store. on the 2nd floor. all IN A CORNER. lol.

  63. "just go pee in a bush or something"

  64. the store looked REALLY shifty with people walking to the back & the door closing right after...& us freaking out a little after seeing that

  65. new story for a little kids books was thought of: Babatunde & Chipotle's Adventure to Africa. (lmao)

  66. "you see that guy?...his name was V. he's too cool to have other letters in his name. hey so you should be T and I'll be E"

  67. thuy's many outfits (sailor dress and her hello kitty rainboots)

  68. Chipotle Garbanzo - AWESOME name.
  69. " i just saw your face and i forgot what i was going to say"

  70. greatest status yet: ' I got way too many requests right here that I didn't have last year, let's ignore them all. '

  71. it's funny how everyone who has coffee had to post on thei status that there wasn't any clean water to make their coffee in Boston. DAMN WATER PIPES!

  72. "you can lose anyone to COD, but it takes a special person to be lost to Street Fighter."

  73. friday study with mr.lane - monique's birthday & one of her balloons hit the ceiling and many (all guys & mr.lane mind you) STRUGGLED to get it down - mr.lane was the hero of the day.

  74. we found out who the major creep was in our grade (Cough, Cough)

  75. table full of hispanics :)

  76. PUUUUUTAAAAA!!!!!! (yelled as a angry hispanic woman)

  77. we discovered that there's such a thing as a 'Tight Hoe'

  78. (commercial from the radio about weight loss) -"do you feel fat?" Ari:"yes" Us:LMFAO-ing like idiots

  79. day of confirmation (seeing everybody after church & at caitlin's house made the day a lot better)

  80. taking a hankerchief out of the cut

  81. one time at iHop....the waiter's name was JUAN JOSE.

  82. guess you didn't get the memo of wearing white today

  83. epic fails of sweet 16s this year (sorry but the comments after the parties didn't live up to the expectations of some)

  84. our birthdays were all on tuesday (thuy, suzana, elizabeth. happy birthdayyy!)

  85. kittycat crew (elizabeth, ariel, raquel, christina..working on the other members so we can be on america's best dance crew)

  86. waiting MONTHS to get a aventura album (gracias suzana in the end)

  87. "you can't be my wife, but will you be my tree?" (proposes with a leaf)

  88. "..i was in a earthquake once, people wonder why i didn't die"
  89. thuy wrote a note to elizabeth's mom about the cake she made......and thuy got a note back the next day

  90. "we need to pee on her" (said during a game of PIG)

  91. all we heard was someone sounding like they were having a orgasm.....

  92. too many different card games were played

  93. something you should know: guys keep their wallets in their back pocket
  94. REAL SHORT 2nd date

  95. the movie theater in Fenway was showing : Kick A**

  96. animal planet talk: Babatunde stalking his pray. "Babatunde looks at his prey, looks down, then, looks confused."

  97. this is how most people thought the 2week vacation to Guatemala was spent: the highlight of it -" Elizabeth's probably getting it in with some hot hispanic guy "

  98. NEVER let Stephen teach you what to do to 'baby making music'

  99. FRIENDS AGAINST COD ! (we need your help. we can't lose another person to COD)

  100. "i'm not trying to sound conceited, but when he was talking to me i was staring at my reflection in his hair looked pretty good that day"

Congrats, you amazingly read these 100 moments.

and here's to 100 more !

-perfect chemistry :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hoping That It Gets Late Early

Once you have all the time at night to do nothing, it isn't that entertaining. I guess that's where late night talk shows come in. They aren't always entertaining but sometimes the interviews surprise you because they end up being pretty funny.

Here's Jake Gyllenhaal on Late Night with David Letterman.

"Get the hell outta here! So you gonna move for the white man huh?!"

"...look at how sensitive & vulnerable he is, he must be gay; that means women feel safe around me, they trust me, then BANG PREGNANT!"

"East coast, west coast beef, we don't need that."

Late Night:
Good way to end the day.
- Lizi :]

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spanish Chowder

I don't know if you know, but Chowder is a pretty entertaining cartoon. It really doesn't make sense at times but who cares. One thing I realized was that in one episode they made a veryyyyyy hispanic character who has a name none other than CARLITO. & Carlito has that spanish accent, speaks a lot of SPANGLISH and owns a place called Carlito Con Queso whichs seems like the hispanic version of chuck e. cheese.
Aqui esta the spanglish in Chowder :

Bye amigos
- Lizi :]

Monday, July 26, 2010

Journey to Jersey

So I went to New Jersey for the weekend..and lemme just say there was a lot to see in such little time.
"Hey, I dare you to take pictures of random drivers"
(this was the only pic i got)
Here's some of what we saw from the Safari :

(Btw...most of the animals did get near the car as we drove by)
Great Adventure :

I was VERY tempted to GTL in New Jersey at our hotel.

(it did have a gym, pool and a laundry room)
Oh well, maybe next time.
- Lizi :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yet Another Date

yes, we did it again. Lizi and I went on another date just to spend some time together before i went up to Maine. and like always we ended up at Gally. so we bought a couple of things (wink, wink) and then went to try on some dresses :) some of them however weren't as flattering as the rest ...

well girls will be girls ;)


Happy 4th

like every years as back as i can remember, my aunt and uncle have taking me and my sister up to Maine for the 4th of July weekend. So we headed up there Thursday afternoon (july 1) and came back Monday afternoon (july 5) and i just wanted to share my mini vaca with y'all :)
take a look:

(the bridge; NH-ME)

(y'all should know this one)
(my NEW bathing suit & glasses)

Enjoy ;)


ok so my older sister works like crazy hours so when she has a day off she tends to plan "adventures" for the whole family..... now this was a while back (around the last week of June~~ i know; i've been slacking. Lizi scolded me enough xP) but getting back to the story we trooped all the way to Dedham just to go to Friendly's and Plaster Fun Time. How exciting!!!!

So here are some pictures:
looks good doesn't it,

Suzy :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Guidos : I Like It

Damnnn, Guidos taking over a Enrique Iglesias music video. Check out the cast of the Jersey Shore in Enrique Iglesias' video "I Like It" featuring Pitbull.

I guess that's how you crash a music video...
Guido Style.
-Lizi :]

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Tribute To The Best

I didn't watch the BET awards when it aired the other day, but someone mentioned to me that Chris Brown was the one making a tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson.
I saw the video, and it was thee BEST TRIBUTE ever, honestly it is. Don't believe me? then watch the video mannn.

The King Of Pop
would have been proud.
R.I.P.Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's, It's Serani. Just In Case You Never Know

I've heard these songs like a thousand times but it wasn't till the other day I actually saw the video for them. I kinda thought Serani's videos would be a bit more creative; but that's just me.

Just in case you never know,
it's lizi who did this post lol.
byeeee :]

First Date

(we're kinda late on this mainly cause me and suzana went out a couple of weeks ago)
soo we went to newbury street to do some shopping and when we finished we went to get some pizza. once we got at the pizza place we kinda realized there were like three other couples who were on a date we're assuming, and we wanted to be on a date too lol.
here's the before and after on our food :

other things that happened on our 'date':

-the napkins were purposly placed next to suzana (she was gonna make a mess i know it)

-there was some guy whose name started with a S (not gonna say the whole name) and he got a call while he was on his date, he was telling her he'd be right back. when we left i told suzana that he was gonna go to some other girl he had a date with...few min. later he came back; we assumed he couldnt get two girls in one day, he needs to work on his game lol

-apparently the first time round they burnt our pizza; but the one they ended up giving us wasnt burnt..if it was i think we woulda wanted our money back

soo that was our date;

we're planning for a second one lol

- Lizi :]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Will Never Be The Same

We all know that EVERY summer, there's always those summer hits that get stuck in your head and you'll forever them remember on your ipod thinking..oh man, summer of 03..that was my summer man!
So lemme take you back a few summer agos :]
Summer of '07 :

Summer of '06:

Summer of '05:

Summer of '04:

Summer of '03:

Summer of '03:

Summer of '02:

Out of all the summers that the 2000's has brought, I think summer of '03 was the best; all the fun, memories, and dope music to go with it
-Lizi :]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Killer Tofu

Yeaa so on friday I got confirmed with a few other people from school. Lemme just say, friday night was a pretty interesting time, especially the party that was after the should have been there xD And saturday night there was a party at my house, but it turned out to be nothing special...not many showed up but it's all good.
One conversation I remembered I had with one person I invited was about old shows and how these days little kids are being exposed to too much. I mean really, where is the simplicity and the enjoyment of watching cartoons like it use to be when we were younger?Anyways, one cartoon we talked about was DOUG. You remember Doug right, I mean how could you not? Yeah there was his dog Porkchop, his friend Skeeter...who we all know is suppose to be the black one on the show (lol) and there was the love of his life, Patti Mayonnaise. OH, and we can't forget Doug's favorite band...THE BEETS!!!! remember them, they always played TWO SONGS: Shout Your Lungs Out and Killer Tofu.

You gotta roll your windows down, you gotta rock your socks, you gotta roll your soul, bust a vocal cord, you gotta lose control. YOU GOTTA SHOUT YOUR LUNGS OUT!

Did you remember that Doug's last name was Funnie?

I didn't know that...I just remembered

Porkchop, Judy, Patti, Skeeter, oh &


-Lizi :]

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SAY WHAT ?!?!?!!

IS IT JUST ME OR DOES THIS VIDEO MAKE NO SENSE....... i mean, maybe if u could actually understand wat the hell they're saying it could possibly make a good party song xP

off to find more wacked out hispanics to join Lizi,
~ SUZY :)

Guess What .....

Ok so I figured I'd do a post to fill you in on wat's been going on lately. Due to my laziness i haven't been doing my job & Lizi has threaten to "go hispanic on my ass" (watever that mean .... lol). HOWEVER, it's been so long I don't even remember if anything blog worthy happened.... Srry!

the only things i can think of are:
1) my niece's 3rd bday party YAY! CAKE xD
2) getting a busted lip from playing soccer with Harvey .... (JERK! lol)
3) Robert making me trip over my own foot resulting in me busting my ass & hitting my head on the cement .... I now have a lump on the back of my head
4) Lizi and I started a notebook, so we no longer pass notes in the hallway & we can keep track of all the stupid shit that happens in a skool like ours xP
5) having my family say I look like an avatar .... which i dnt think is funny >:O
6) my godsister's 12th bday YAY! MORE CAKE .....


that's all i got, & it should keep Lizi from become more hispanic than she already is ....

signing off, yours truely
~SUZY :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your Little Vacation Ain't Got Nothing On This

Although I came back from Boston from last week, I had yet to post some pictures from my great vacation which you guys didn't have :]
12 days, some roja drink, a crazy quince and a bunch of spanish speaking cousins later, this is what I call vacation in Guatemala.

bienvenidos a Guatemala

- Lizi :]

Monday, April 5, 2010

Maybe It's True That I Can't Live Without You

As you all know my other half, Lizi Jay, has been away for a little more than a week and .... I MISS HER !!!!!
I go straight to homeroom in the morning because I have no one to talk to. I walk to class alone, and have no one to tell my "stories" to :(
BUT she had me keep a journal of all the important things that have been going on. This way she doesn't miss anything :)
We're still gonna have a LOT of catching up to do.
Hope she's having fun in the hot weather, with cute hispanic boys, and good ..... FOOD lol xP

i'm out

~suzy :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Au Revoir

If your that slow, I'm sure you couldn't guess that the title of thee post is in french...yuuup; I know french...well I know a few words.
ANYWAYS, today is my LAST DAY IN BOSTON. Yessir, I'm going away to Guatemala, but don't worry I'm not leaving forever. As one person kept saying today, I'm coming back in NOVEMBER...(actually I'm coming back in April)
I kinda forgot to take enough pictures of my packing process, but let me just say, it took me like three hours to pack only my suitcase but I had many distractions (music and texting) that slowed me down a bit.
Although, I do have some pictures of the suitcases that we've already packed. And if you question the suitcase that has the t-shirt with a bottle and a mustache, yeahh definitly leave your comments on that, I wanna see what you guys thought of when you first saw that picture.

Au Revoir,


Auf Wiedersehen.

- Lizi