Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Black And Yellow And Full of LA Spirit?

If yall don't know, the day before thanksgiving, is usually a half day for school. And as far as BLA goes, that day is known as SPIRIT DAY.
Finally a junior baby, class of '12 !! Since we're juniors, we had the pep-rally with the seniors aka class of 11. I mean you can give it to them that they were louder then us, but '12 is much better kiddddd !
Kinda sucks that I don't have pics of it with everyone in black and yellow and shouting like crazyyy. But there many pics out there, and yeaa, maybe next year we'll have more pics. All we got are pics of what we did after spirit day. And lemme tell you, the day doesn't end cause you can't see us in black and yellow.

they're trying to enjoy themselves though our homeroom teacher forced us to stay in the room (wack!) but suzana came to the rescue if you wanna say

sugar packets. and a crazy taste test of sugar. you figure out for yourself what happened next

here's to our waiter at Uno's, David.

us advertising on post-its in the train station

alrite, i'll be nice and let em have it

since its their senior year.

Class of '11 got it.

(for this year)

-Lizi :]

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too Free To Freestyle

It amazes me how great of a rapper this kid is. Diggy Simmons is rapping like some rappers ahead of his time. His rapping skills are crazyyyyy! Kid, your only like 15, what?!
Just check it out for yourself, I'm sure your mind will get blownnnn, even just a little bit.

This kid is freestyling like he does it
in his sleep.
-Lizi :]

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


hey guys i need some help...
Please take part in the poll I put up --->

It'll really help me with my creative writing blog.

please and thanks

~Suzy :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blogs. Blogs Everywhere

Sooo I'm taking a creative writing class this year. Yupp, its pretty cool.
Anyway, this term we have to keep a blog and unfortunately I wasn't allowed to use gethipp. Feel free to stop some time and say hi though ---->

Thanks, you guys are the best
~ Suzy

Time for a play

Ok so earlier this month some kids from my school, including Lizi and I, went to see a play at this art school in Boston. The play was Julius Caesar, and despite the fact that is Shakespeare, it was really good. And I think some of our commentary made it even better. We made jokes through the whole thing while still paying attention, even though the spitting actors made it hard.

During intermission we took a look around the building and noticed some interesting art. These students are really talented...

And the day doesn't stop there. After the play Lizi and I decide to head down to Copley for some lunch. On our way there we see a huge stuffed Mickey Mouse on the side walk, so go to talk a picture of it. We had NO IDEA it belonged to the homeless guy standing near by .... But we still got the pic

Yupp, that's how Latin Academy does Field Trips ... you should join us some time :)

~ Suzy signing off


"People asked me why I named this show Conan, I did it so I'll be harder to replace."
If you didn't watch Conan O'Brien's comeback to talk show television this past Monday, then you missed out on an hilarious hour of television.
Nothing gets better than an "ex-tv host" bashing his previous network because he didn't want to go on at 12:05 (haha) and now having a show on TBS that is of course is on BASIC CABLE, but he seems funnier than before.

Here's the link for the season premiere episode of Conan in case you missed it, or you just want to watch it again.

psssst!! "One Hour Closer To Death is on!"
Here's one more clip of Conan cause I know you can't get enough of this guy with kind of awesome hair.

Let's go Team Coco :)