Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping It 100

Let's just say, we FINALLY hit 100 posts on the blog :] about damn time, we know, we apologize for slacking. But we did it!
And incase you're wondering, the pic above is a picture taken by the newspaper in front of the school we go to, BLA - Boston Latin Academy. Most of us have been going there for almost 6 years now and although most of us won't admit we like this place, we do. I mean, it's a real crappy building but BLA should stay here and not get moved to small ass Hyde Park High. I know right, it's ridiculous.
So there was a protest outside the school today to give one last chance to ban the move of the school, and I hope everyone and all the news people say this and this kid Beshaunn in full support that BLA is home to us, and it should stay where it is.
Props to Beshaunn holding that "Home Sweet Home"sign, you're finally famous!!!
And let's just hope these idiots actually change their mind on moving BLA.
At times, it's a real crappy place to be,
but the sign has a lot of truth to it.
-Perfect Chemistry :]

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