Monday, September 12, 2011


It's crazy to believe Suzy and I are already seniors; I swear I was in kindergarten the other day. Well maybe not k2 but man, does time fly byyyyy, it's kind of a bittersweet thing.
Today in school I was thinking about kindergarten actually, and I started thinking about being in school for like the past 11 years and a lot has occured, education and social wise.
I just want to reminisce on the good ol days, where you had no worries, life and music was breezy and you had no idea when you were graduating from high school. It's really weird though cause now that I think about it, once you get older you wish to have your childhood and everything in it back.

- Just felt the need to share some thoughts with you all. And by the way, make sure to enjoy the blog as much as possible, especially this school year. Cause anything worth mentioning during senior year is probably worth posting to you all ;) so stay tuned for a few posts this month *we've been slackinggggg but we'll make it up to our readerss:)

I feel like this post needs some pics but I'll make it in the next post after this
(felt the need to share all my thoughts right now)
-Lizi :]
p.s. '12 is the best class
GETHIPP or go home!
#SENIO12lifelikeee :D

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