Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Want My Old TV!

I'm sure everybody's mind was blownnnnnn when Teennick decided to have a 90s lineup every weekend showing the classicly beloved shows we grew up with during that time. I sure as hell enjoyed watching Kenan, Kel, Doug and anything and everything that I adored watching on tv during the 90s.
So if you didn't know, Nickelodeon is a network under MTV, same as VH1 is under MTV or "sister network' commonly mentioned in tv talk. On August 1, 2011 (which was the other day) MTV turned 30 years old. Apparently they wanted to stay 29 Forever (haha) and didn't even celebrate the big 3-0. How could they do that ! I know for a fact that the viewers who are reading this blog haven't been alive for 30 years, but I honestly was dissapointed that they didn't air anything on MTV that was from 1981 up till now....only thing was pregnant teenagers and a bunch of guidos. MTV why you gotta thug me like that?!
I found out MTV was turning 30 through a article on yahoo! and I was ampd cause I later saw that the were gonna celebrate....but on the fuck do you do that MTV? I was excited to see old music videos, I always wanted to see Yo! Mtv Raps, ohhh Bevis & Butthand..but no, only VH1 CLASSIC was airing this. That's just stupid.
I wanted my 90s and Teennick answered...So THANK YOU! for giving me my 90s back, but MTV didn't wanna ruin their current rep with viewers by showing what basically gave them success for 30 freaking years and they refused to give me my MTV!
The 90's Are All That but,
Sadly..MTV Killed the Video Star.
(& if you didn't know the 1st thing that aired on MTV
back in '81 was the The Buggles
"Video Killed The Radio Star"music video, you know nothing about old tv).
-Disgruntled 90s kid.

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