Friday, October 30, 2009

Like My T-Shirt?

So the other day I was reading about the 100 best t-shirts. And yes I looked through all 100 of em and picked out the ones that I think you should see (I'm saving you the trouble of looking & reading about 100 different tees, so you should THANK ME now). I found that original list to basically be correct but there are some that should have been higher's my top 15 t-shirts.
MY CHOICE FOR #15 (number 12)
Amazing that a simple design of BBC is still good to wear years after it was first originally released in '05.

MY CHOICE FOR # 14 (number 15 )
Model Lauren Hutton, is a TRUE GENIUS, and the quote that she said in '64 says it all.
MY CHOICE FOR #13 (number 85)
I like the photography here.

MY CHOICE FOR # 12 (number 55 )
Biggie, Biggie, Biggie can't you see, sometimes your t-shirt just hypnotize me. Okay so that sounds like a somewhat cheesy line that those business exec. would have thought of, aha.

MY CHOICE FOR #11 (number 96)
Pharrell can't skate...did you know that?

MY CHOICE FOR # 10 (number 32)
I like this two for two reasons & two reasons only: 1)Michael Jordan & 2)A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauder design all in one :]

MY CHOICE FOR #9 (number 3)
[they say it's a subtle way to tell others to go kill themselves, I must agree with that statement...the shirt says it all]

MY CHOICE FOR #8 (number 48)
I LOVE THE TITLE FOR THIS T-SHIRT: "Destroy Your Enemy" I think that's why I like the t-shirt so much.

MY CHOICE FOR #7 (number 94)
If you can't skeet on somebody's lady, the best way to show disdain for them is to spit in their face (the dude, not their lady). Isn't it nice that they warn you with the shirt before they spit in ya face.

MY CHOICE FOR #6 (number 69)
I wish I could have watched tennis in the 70s just to see this guy flip someone.

MY CHOICE FOR #5 (number 97)
Inspired by those tourist tees that say 'I Love New York', this tee d
oesn't give the same message..this one is more like a big eff-you written on a t-shirt.

MY CHOICE FOR #4 (number 62)

MY CHOICE FOR #3 (number 3)
Funny, even BEFORE Mac vs. PC commercials, Staple knew how much Windows sucked.

MY CHOICE FOR #2 (number 25)
I love mixing random words together like's like those mad lib books only better.

MY CHOICE FOR #1 (number 24) This shirt is pretty dope mainly cause Angelina Jolie is a freakin G here :] (though the one who made the shirt got bits and the made for a great t-shirt)
[some words of advice]
Go Love Your Own shirts like Mad People in New York do,
Say you came to NY to go to AFRICA,
Destroy your enemy & flip them the bird,
Sing a Biggie song or just f**k it & go to Santa's,
Keep bouncin' or go spit at Windows 95
- Lizi :]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fan Mail, Fan Mail.

Calling All Perfect Chemistry Readers!!
Starting today, there's going to be a CONTEST! All you fans out there grab your sketch pad and pencils or whatever because we want to see your FAN SIGNS!! That's right, FAN SIGNS. Draw, sketch, or paint our url ( and/or blog title (Perfect Chemistry)and SEND IT IN! Your fan sign can be as simple or as detailed as you want. And if you are the artist who wins the contest your sign will be posted on the blog until the end of Dec.2009. So spread the word and start drawing. * Don't forget to send in any suggestions; you know anything you want us to write about. The e-mail is on the side bar. right over there ----->>>
(contest goes from Oct.20th and ends on Nov.7th at midnight; any entries must be in form of email with an attached file of your fansign and your name somewhere in the email)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hip-Hop And You Don't Stop

Let me jus say this first: THANK YOU RICK RUBIN & RUSSELL SIMMONS for finding DEF JAM and keeping it strong 25 years later. They wanted different music, like Russell said "I didn't want no R&B sh*t", they made a new genre and it spread across the nation like nobody's business; established in 1984 & celebrating it 25 years today. Yesterday on VH1, the show Hip-Hop honors honored Def Jam for it's success in the past 25 years, and all it's great artists from the beginning with LL Cool J, Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys to finding new talent like Jay-Z to Kanye to Ludacris and definitely many more. You know without that white boy Rick dropping beats & having Russell on his side to find ridicuolously dope talent, hip-hop would never be what it is today.

I can't seem to find a picture of both the Roots and Eminem when they opened the show with the first performance doing LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells". The energy was clearly there as if LL was killing em with his rhymes as if he was back in the 80's.

Yes, let me just say RIP DJ AM (Travis' shirt reminded me). Anyways, Gym Class Heroes, KRS-ONE and Wale performed Beastie Boys "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" and man was that performance great...I think it was probably because Beastie Boys had some of the greatest beats...that were ever thought of by a rap group of 3 white boys lol.
"It was a clear black night, a clear white moon, Warren G was on the street trying to consume..." Trey Songz and Warren G were the ones who did that old school thing with the "wave your hands in the air" and Trey having to say "Yuuuuuuuup!" at least twice during the performance. With that smooth west coast style, Warren G definitely brought something different to Def Jam and Lyor knew that when he signed him back in the day.

So here's Ludacris representing Def Jam South, he's a pretty good rapper....from the south I mean.

Does this guy above really need an introduction, or do I gotta put on some crazy clock, gold teeth and a hat just to say FLAVA FLAVVVV ! ? Public Enemy's performance was crazyyyyyyyy! Especially with all those black guys all on one stage (aha, just kidding) but ever since Public Enemy was signed onto Def Jam, it has always been seen as something different and that is definitely a good thing.

Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Rick Ross & Kid Rock stealing LL's kangol, big gold chain and sweatsuit that he wore back in the 80's ! aha.
Ruff Riders ! You know if you can't hear DMX say it, I was gonna have to be the one to tell you. Now I know what your thinking.....DMX seems impossible to understand with his deep grunting, dog barking self. But it made perfect sense when Tracy Morgan and some other guy got to introduce him. The guy next to him translated into 'DMX lingo' whatever Tracy said and all you heard from him was: "Nah what I mean, ruff ruff." (and he did a X with his arms every time he finished saying something) It would be a hell of a lot funnier if you heard it for yourself, mainly because I can't sound like DMX whatsoever, especially with his deep voice, wtf is up with that? I only know half of what he's saying...and half of it is about dogs and motorcycles right?

The song that Mary J. Blige & Method Man did : CLASSIC. You remember that song, it goes like You're all, I need, to get by..... and the vocals and what not come in (hard to have you listen since it all I can do is type it out for you)

Foxy Brown & Fabolous did it right when they performed "I'll Be" which originally had Foxy and Jay-Z on the track. Foxy & Fab were one of about 6 other artists who were part of the finale. Although I think they should have went last and not Wale who did Kanye's "Touch The Sky" which wasn't that great as Foxy & Fab who definitely had the energy from the crowd.

Tips to have a successful record label:
1) I, I mean YOU "need a beat"
2) you gotta "walk this way"
3) you need to "fight for your right (to partyyy!)"
4) you gotta be Slick like Rick
5) remember to "fight the power"
6) and you need a to have a "G FUNK ERA"
and with that, you are guarenteed success for the first 25 years and you know there's more to come.
- Lizi :]

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taste Tester

So I know what you're thinking, what is this post about especially if it has the title: Taste Tester. Well of course, it's about being a taste tester. I got to have that experience today. Apparently my sister filled out a survey and became a taste tester for a bottle of soda that was orange. I was very suspicious of it all, especially the special box it was in. I didn't really care, I gotta be a taste tester for a day, I wouldn't say no to that...if only I got paid for it (when I grow up I wanna be a taste tester haha; I'm gonna be successful huh).

As you can see, it was in a small cardboard box with that weird white packaging thing...what are those things even called? Anyways, she said I could try some of it, and it was pretty good. I'll tell you though, I'M AMAZED that the drink IS doesn't seem like it's healthy especially if you take a look at the bottle.
The only thing you guys can read off the label is Ingredient Statement & (one ingredient I can show) NATURAL INGREDIENTS lol.The second pic is the paper that came with the explained about the new product (that's not even stores) & I must keep the words on that page a secret as well. Hmm, well I don't think it's wrong to show you what it says but I wanna be a bum and just keep that info to myself :]
Yup, you'll see I'm that jerk that will purposely go in public and whip out that new shhh while you gotta wait months to buy it in stores, ahaa.
- Lizi :]

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What ?

So don't violate or you get violated, The hip-hop sound is well agitated. Won't ever waste no time on the played out ego.
If you aren't aware that the lines above were from A Tribe Called Quest, then you need to be schooled in your music, and I will gladly be the one to school you kids.
You don't have to agree with me on this, but I know I'm right when I say : A Tribe Called Quest is true hip-hop. They are from back in the day, yes I'm aware of that but majority of the music made in 1999 and anytime before that is something YOU should listen to. So I was listening to music today and I remembered about A Tribe Called Quest. I don't know how many hits they had, but what I do know is that all the songs they've made are DOPE.
The song that got my attention right away was "What?" When you first listen to it, right away the easy-flowing beat and rhymes catch your attention. Next thing I think you should pay attention to is the lyrics for the song...I don't know if the lyrics would have much importance to you but to me, it just made me THINK...for a while lol.
Here are some lines from the song :
What is a war if it doesn't have a general?
What's channel nine if it doesn't have Arsenio?
What is life if you don't have fun?
What's Ali without Shaheed Muhammad?

What is a Quest if the players ain't willing?
What is a pence if you don't have a shilling?
What's a con artist if he doesn't have brains?
What's America without greed and glamour?
What's an MC if he doesn't have stamina?

(Just so you know, I really liked that "What's Ali without Shaheed Muhammad?" reminds me of that argument in the barbershop about Muhammad Ali's name in the movie Coming to America. Yes, very random I know)
Another song from A Tribe Called Quest that I think you should listen to is "Scenario". That song is just sooo smooth. Here's some lines that I really like :
I could give a damn about a ill subliminal*
Stay away from crime so I ain't no CRIMINAL
I love my young nation, groovy sensation
No time for hibernation, only elation

Causin rambunction*, throughout the sphere
Raise the levels of the boom, inside the ear
*The words with the star are just the words that I love hearing in the song, it makes me want to use the words in a sentence today lol.* Anyways, that is all that I'm going to school you in FOR TODAY. Once you've grasped the idea of A Tribe Called Quest tell me whether you think they are good or not. I always take people's comments/thoughts into consideration.

You gotta be a winner all the time
Can't fall prey to a hip hop crime.
[just wanted to leave some last words from quest]
- Lizi :]