Friday, December 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Random

Perfect Chemistry's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Shirtless posters of people from Twilight - GOOD
  2. Cookies - GOOD but RANDOM
  3. Coupon book - RANDOM but GOOD
  4. Fruit Cake - BAD & FRUITY
  5. Socks - BAD....unless they're fuzzy, then it's GOOD
  6. Coffee Mug - BAD. Seriously, WTF?
  7. Box - GOOD
  8. Blender - RANDOM
  9. Mouse Pad - BAD unless it's of a shirtless dude from twilight
  10. Sexual Shit - GOOD (aka GREATTTT!) to a certain extent
  11. Useless crap from gumball machines - BAD
  12. Underwear - BAD, unless you need some......awkward.
  13. School Supplies - BAD, LAME.
  14. Teddy Bears - GOOD
  15. Giftcards From Walmart - RANDOM
  16. Pajamas - RANDOM but BAD if you sleep in the nude
  17. A Toliet Seat - BAD ...especially if it's not to your comfort expectations.
  18. Holiday Sweater - BAD
  19. Towels - RANDOM
  20. Any Disney Movie - GOOD

Happy Holidays :]

from us at Perfect Chemistry

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6 Levels

In case you guys didn't know, there are 6 different kinds of fats & 6 different kinds of "good" sizing. ...Are you completely lost about what I'm talking about? Want me to explain? ...Gladly.

So if you haven't noticed, there are kind of big/large people in this world, but you know some of them get offended when you call them fat. The reason for that is because you may not be using the correct term of fat...see, there's a science to it. LMAO. Just kidding; in basic terms just know there are 6 different kinds of fat & if you don't believe us, just look at the OFFICIAL FAT CHART below:
1. big
2. healthy
3. husky
4. fluffy
5. DAMN!
&you know when they're a DAMN! if you see them heading to the elevator your on but your still willing to let them on.
&you know they're a OH HELLLLLLL NO!!! if you see them heading to the elevator your on & you yell "OH HELLLLLLL NO!!" & try to press the button to close the elevator as quickly as possible.
So we discovered this list the other day & decided to make our own chart. Ours is called The How You Know It's Good Chart. (just think about it & I'm sure you'll understand)

1. small ones
2. smedium ones
3. average ones
4. intermediate ones
5. big ones
(and the rare but possibly out there)
6. two-for-one
Yea of course our chart is about sizes, but I bet most of you are trying to figure out what we're talking about when we say SIZE...and hopefully the name of our chart makes it easier for you to understand.
yeah, he's definitely a #6 on
the fat chart.
Perfect Chemistry :]

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whose to Say What Happened in 2010?

Idk if it's just me, but I first off can't believe the year is almost over. Second of all, when I think about it, I can barely remember what happened this year.
Although for our readers benefit I tried remembering a few things of this past year & we're asking you guys to put it to a vote.

Vote in our 2010 poll, of the good, better, bad or just plain random things related to this year. All the questions you can vote will be on the blog till next month & will stay on the right side of the blog till the polls close beginning of next year.

Voting starts TODAY & ends JANUARY 1st at 11:59PM. So get to voting ! You have like a month to vote on your favorites and you can vote daily if you really check the blog that often.
2010 : the year of ???
You decide!
-Lizi :]