Friday, July 31, 2009

Supply & Demand

Some of you may be questioning why this post is called Supply & Demand, and that's because that was the name of Shepard Fairey's art exhibit that I got to see today. Now you may be thinking, who the hell is Shepard Fairey? For those who don't know he's the guy who did that blue & red Obama picture that said "hope" on the bottom, and he's the same guy that's being sued for doing that illustration since the picture of Obama was originally from someone else. ANYWAYS, I got to meet Shepard Fairey and get a tour of his exhibit while he was still in Boston, and let me tell you this guy's work is FANTASTIC.
All his work has some deep meaning to it, but they look incredible. My favorite out of all of them was one piece called Two Sides of Capitalism (bad) And yes I preferred the bad side of it then the other good side art piece. That work had crazy but true meaning to it and I loved the quotes it had on it like: "Obedience is the most valuable currency" & "This ransom note is worth exactly what you are willing to give in order to get it."

So I wasn't really allowed to take pictures of the exhibit itself so I just got two pics of the outside of the exhibit that says Shepard Fairey Supple & Demand with Andre the Giant's face all over & I took a pic of the clip we were given to wear after they checked our names on the list (pic all the way up top) So yeah, this guy made me love all there is about his work and himself. Seeing his work today, I officially love Shepard Fairey (if only he could read this to know I'm a BIG FAN of his).

Now children, go learn some more about art
- Lizi

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Movie Critics

So we all go to the movies and we all get to see the trailers for movies that will come out. We know we all are critics of the trailers commenting on how good or wack the movie looks. So yesterday me, Suzana and her cousin went to the movies and we commented on a few trailers we saw. And now you will see 'the critics' comments of some movies.

The Fame :

Okay so when we first saw this we thought it was kinda like high school musical with all the talent and what not. There isn't a good reason to see the movie because we can assume how The Fame will end: one will become successful, and there will be one of the musicians who goes to band camp and gets pregnant haha. There I saved you from like 2 hours of watching this.

G-Force :

Yes, this is a Disney movie but even if you don't see this one in 3-D, they still look really soft (I heard it from somebody else).

The Princess & the Frog :

OMG, ANOTHER Disney movie. But this one is different, you wanna know why ?! It's because the princess ISN'T WHITE! All the other Disney princesses are white except for Jasmine..and I think that's it. So it's a really good reason to check this movie out.

2012 :

We all have seen at least one movie where it looks like the world is going to end. But this time Michael Bay(also did Transformers) shows more action and what not into the year 2012. To some people they may think that they've seen something like this before, but the way Michael Bay directed 2012 looks ridiculous with all the chaos going on.

Julie & Julia :

Hmm, well I must admit Meryl Streep is a good actress but the ONLY TWO reasons you should see this movie is because: 1. WE HAVE A BLOG (just like they do in the movie) and 2: because Suzana saw the actually cooking show before & baked with her, HAHA.

Shutter Island:

Now I don't know about you but I want to see this. One reason is because Leonardo DiCaprio. So this is full of mystery, excitement, blah blah (and DiCaprio!) But the main reason is that federal institutions movies are one of the best movies out there! lol.

So I think I should be an actual movie critic
(it's a possible career for me in the future)
- Lizi

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Phone Calls

So I've seen this video a while back but seeing it now I still find it funny. It's not prank calling but man I love doing that, haha...yeah anyways, they're calling people you don't really know. Candy & Skittles are hilarious! video taping their phone calls, I think I needa try that.
(by the way, if you get a random call might be me calling you & recording it)
call you later (maybe not)
- Lizi xD

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

i'm sure you all have been to the mall before, and gone into a store before, and had an employee give you advice before. BUT has that employee ever been gay??? AND has that gay employee ever ask you for advice??
Okk, getting to the point. Lizi and I went to the GALLY yesterday and you're never ganna believe what happened!
We went into Express and after looking around a bit we decide to try somethings on. So we end up picking out these really cute dresses when our gay employee comes up to us and asks us to look at these
shoes he wants to buy his, get this, MOTHER. I mean they were some cute heels, but would his mom be able to walk in them.
But getting to the fun part, we tried on the dresses and took pictures in them (because we didn't have enough to buy them. lol.) And now i really want the dress!!!

We also went into H&M because we wanted to look like their mannequins! So now you know what to do when you're bored on a summer day. lmfao!! xD

i'm out,
silly suzy

Thursday, July 2, 2009

100 moments

This SO FAR, has been one of our longest posts. But trust us, it's well worth it to read it all :] These are the memorable things that happened in the school year of 08-09:
  1. Duckie & 13 blog was created
  2. Perfect Chemistry was created
  3. # 13 came to life (although we can't see him)
  4. MANY levels were achieved on a game (...on a calculator)
  5. ADOPT A KANYE ! awareness started but never really continued
  6. Interesting nicknames were made: Bigfoot (haha), Shaq, Selena, Lucy Lu, small lady, Air
  7. "Hello, welcome to breezy legs"
  8. 741 & 742 voted
  9. no lock downs ! (unlike last year)
  10. attack of the squirrels (at the park) was seen (lol)
  11. cake at the movies
  12. throwing popcorn at people
  13. "I want a Yugo!"
  14. story of Shamu
  15. quince xD
  16. blue & pink rings :] (they were copycats lol)
  17. MANY relations to the bible were made in history class (-many irrelevant things were also mentioned in that class)
  18. "don't be sorry, just be silent" mentioned in history (and mainly towards Sarah)
  19. "Oh Mr. Nolan your dressed up today" ... "He's wearing a sweater Sarah"
  20. I HEART STEPHEN sign was made
  21. "your so late, your early to your next class"
  22. senior prank of gluing locks was done
  23. new math was invented [ex. 1 + 1 = window]
  24. competitions (if you wanna call it that) between J.Deane & Stephen were made to see who a 7 year old likes as her friend
  25. a 10 year old's (that's how old i think he is) phone number was given to a girl in a limo who has a BOYFRIEND (cough cough niejel)
  26. one GOOD game of pictionary was played
  28. a valentine's day gift was given to the wrong person (she has no friends to get a gift anyways)
  29. swine flu
  30. a future MULTI-TALENTED (female Asian) president in the works :]
  31. fruit snacks & squished (most of the time) sandwiches were the way to go !
  32. somebody knows how to do black peoples voice (lmfao)
  33. two 15 year olds, one 17 & one 18 year old went to the big apple circus :]
  34. "i heart you too!" (mouthed not said out loud)
  35. "what time is it? ... IT'S HELLO KITTY TIME ! "
  36. the hobo living in her trumpet case
  37. the accomplishment of having the biggest boobs in study was made (lmao)
  39. "we have to get Ms. Bridges pregnant" (...we all look at Matt)
  40. Gio's fight
  41. many insults were made, few were really remembered ("it's alright, we're not gonna judge you on your size, no matter how small it is")
  42. multiple rapes in bio class [mostly Niejel & Mikerlyne]
  43. mrs. macisaac ditches us 2weeks before finals [personal ass]
  44. "cut the shit you white piece of trash" - Kerrigan
  45. 1st trip to hollister was made (happy birthday :] !)
  46. "nice doing business with you" (walks away with briefcase)
  47. S - C - A- N - D to the A to the L - O - U - S
  48. camping out at Suzana's house ------> ninja invasion
  49. out future wet t-shirt contest (who has the best bra lmao)
  50. mental breakdown (due to a 4 year old)
  51. game of who would kill, fuck, or marry was played

    • [insert name here] [insert name here] [insert name here]
  52. Alex, Brittany & Paco :]
  53. thuy's birthday at the park
  54. ideas for our senior prank were thought of
  55. shining jewelry in the sun during gym class
  56. teaching a white person how to dance (uhm, yeah..that worked well)
  57. inauguration [OBAMA !!!!!]
  58. "your number 9 on my list"
  59. "what should we get you for your birthday thuy?" (thuy): "i don't know, i gave you a bunch of ideas"
  61. Mr. Lane wearing the chicken suit !
  62. "you're always the hot guy in the relationship"
  63. "Chavella...can i lick you?"
  64. OH's & HO's
  65. 80's guy at Forest Hills
  66. "you broke my heart" (snow heart)
  67. adventures with animal crackers
  68. "Alex" getting a grease stain (no, not from tacos..from pizza lol)
  70. "yeah we gave you a shout out on the 10 o'clock news"
  71. "so today Bert -" (other person): "so where's Ernie?"
  72. GAP AD IN VOGUE <3
  73. Kyle ALWAYS talking to my mom (bleh)
  74. a Johnny Cupcakes fanatic was born
  75. "i need a drink"...where's my bus pass"... "I'm thirsty"
  76. GO GO GADGET !
  77. "yo baby i love you, i got plastic food wrap"
  78. "BAM! Pupils"
  79. PING!
  80. "i named my fish Cornelius...i think it's a guy...crap, i forgot to feed him this morning"
  81. nine2*
  82. "she looks like an Indian emperor"
  83. "I'm Hispanic and when Suzana told me that there was a rich white bitch who fell in love with a mexican gangbanger, that Mexican gangbanger REALLY fits my description"
  84. "this is Alex...and this is Alex."
  85. Cheesecake Factory :] (ah, good times)
  86. "nah, i was checking to see how good of a thief i was"
  87. Tuesday studies with J.Deane & Stephen
  88. herpes stuffed animal thing "no here, have some herpes"
  89. JENGA ! (lol)
  90. thuy's transformer out of jenga pieces
  91. thuy's obsession of making hearts [ex. snow heart, paper heart, jenga heart]
  92. "these little piggies."
  93. "if she had a huge bow, a hello kitty bag and a huge lollipop she would really look like a little kid"
  94. plans of going to the zoo, aquarium, see up & transformers, go out to eat (in just one week) sadly..never happened was talked about a lot
  95. "wait, you can't have a masquerade! ... what if Robert's the guy i start hanging out with at the party and i cant tell its him cause the mask and i start liking him!!!!!! ....eww"
  96. we discovered who the gamers are (lol)
  97. (Barbara): i love your shirt Elizabeth, the person who got you that has great style" (talking about herself)
  98. (J.Deane): "i could have recorded your party for you with my phone" (lmao)
  99. Dancing to the song DIVA by Beyonce (cough know who you are)
  100. STEPHEN ADDICTED TO GRINDING (...he was grinding at my party for the second dance...LMFAO good times)
Well we did it.....we FINALLY thought of 100 things that happened in 08-09 and we definitely got more moments to come ! :] (sorry i couldn't put pictures of some of this stuff, it would have taken forever to post it..maybe next time) [all ideas thought up by Thuy, Suzana & Lizi]
no longer a freshman :]
- Lizi

numbers 2, 20, and 52 are the best on the list.... in my opinion!!
thats all i had to say
i'm out;; silly suzy xD