Tuesday, September 28, 2010

100 More Moments

If you've been following this blog from the beginning, you would know that we had one post with a 100 moments that we thought were entertaining one way or another in the yr 08-09.
This post includes 100 more moments from the school year of 09-10. Enjoy :)
  1. an inappropriate quote was made because a bag of jollyranchers was carried around
  2. our daily prayer (only because we were being led into temption)
  3. advertising on post-its. yea, that's how we do it :)

  4. (some people were complaining they didn't get any) brownies/cupcakes

  5. thuy became a fairy godmother with her crown and wand on her birthday

  6. 'what happens on my bed, is forever remembered with uhm..memories.....

  7. (what we think is) Mr.Freed's guide to fighting : "wait, before i hurt you, i need to make sure my fingers are at a 45 degree angle"

  8. friday 6th period study with jimmy lane. enough said, aha.

  9. thuy made truffles !

  10. caitlin's "tribe" on her wrist

  11. passing notes (more like letters) in the hall


  13. sweater tuesday :)

  14. the best damn "H" was made

  15. more than a year we had the blog (happy 1 year anniversary!)

  16. it took us a while to find out the names of the power rangers. Graham:".....his name was Tommy"

  17. the waiter at California Pizza Kitchen had great cologne <3

  18. yelling BABATUNDE! during lunch (& getting looks from everyone thinking your just crazy)

  19. what you wear on spirit day should NEVER be worn again, unless you wanna get that "look" from someone

  20. word to the wise:NEVER get a colored jacket (one that isn't black); you'll see what we mean if you didn't listen to our advice

  21. ANOTHER word to the wise: be VERY CAREFUL when you bring 3 balloons to school that say: Congratulations!, Happy Anniversary!, and It's (not) a Boy!

  22. SHUT IT DOWN (by pitbull ft. akon) became our song

  23. something we realized: Doesn't Mr.Freed look like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl when he wears a bow tie and has his hair slicked to the side (see, you agree with that)

  24. mr. c BARELY made it through 1st term because of us (aren't we great students)

  25. "you fell for that" (you point at the person next to you, but apparently where you pointed was inappropriate)

  26. a new family was discovered [Mom-Elizabeth, Daughter-Ariel, Fathers-UNKNOWN] (ariel has 3 children - in case you wanted to know)

  27. Suzana turned 1! (plus 15) on her birthday

  28. matching t-shirts ... "i (heart) my bff"

  29. Suzana's a better playa than you !

  30. PARTY OVER HEREEEEEE! (sweet 16 party bus)

  31. feeding the poor with 20 boxes of pizza

  32. "just dip and blow" (incase you wanted to know, those were the instructions of how to blow a bubble)

  33. "aha yuup i got nasty skills man....i can read with my eyes closed LOL"

  34. getting it in ! ....

  35. ..."his lips looked so good" ['can't believe i said that'..."yeah, you did"]

  36. "making me think is almost as bad as making me do unneccesary exercise"

  37. baking cookies (somewhat of a epic fail)

  38. taking pics at the apple store

  39. this post asked a important question....are you a hoe? lmao.

  40. damn bottle cap speaks the truth (Thank You SoBe)

  41. thuy said that he looks like a mama's boy

  42. an attempt to have a party for our anniversary was thought of but NEVER happened :(

  43. they were stupid enough to argue over how long it takes to there by plane....smh.

  44. taking a random vacation for 2weeks to Guatemala :) [best vacation yet cause i met someone with the name Geraldo (haha), if only friends from Boston got to meet him at the fiesta that had ROJA as a flavor LOL]

  45. "nah, i'm not a hoe, im just a whore"

  46. MCAS nicknames (Bob, Dick, Zander, Mikarolye & Silvester)

  47. countless MCAS FAILS (slow cap, animal sounds)

  48. Chriso's partyyy

  49. Do The Wrong Thing

  50. "he had to plan it out" ;)

  51. Mr.S NEVER BLINKS! lol

  52. not such a great playa after all :(

  53. "omg so cute"..."yeah you look like a lessie" WTF!

  54. 1 year later and STILL no belt for his pants. lmao.

  55. girls health fair...fail !!

  56. "now that i know where you live, i can stalk you...or i can just come to your house one day and leave a package (of cake) on your front door"

  57. thuy learned some spanish ..... "tu chupar redbull" & "tu chupar redbull porque tu es negro" LMAO

  58. apparently Suzana misses 'everything' when she's not here

  59. everytime you answer the phone you have to say: "YELLOW?!" and they respond "GREEN?"

  60. ONLY whores wear yellow (we think there's a reason for that)

  61. "what...just cause my name's Beshaunn I can't be a girl?" "I, Elizabeth am offended you don't believe Beshaunn over here"

  62. the candy store had some "interesting" stuff in one part of the store. on the 2nd floor. all IN A CORNER. lol.

  63. "just go pee in a bush or something"

  64. the store looked REALLY shifty with people walking to the back & the door closing right after...& us freaking out a little after seeing that

  65. new story for a little kids books was thought of: Babatunde & Chipotle's Adventure to Africa. (lmao)

  66. "you see that guy?...his name was V. he's too cool to have other letters in his name. hey so you should be T and I'll be E"

  67. thuy's many outfits (sailor dress and her hello kitty rainboots)

  68. Chipotle Garbanzo - AWESOME name.
  69. " i just saw your face and i forgot what i was going to say"

  70. greatest status yet: ' I got way too many requests right here that I didn't have last year, let's ignore them all. '

  71. it's funny how everyone who has coffee had to post on thei status that there wasn't any clean water to make their coffee in Boston. DAMN WATER PIPES!

  72. "you can lose anyone to COD, but it takes a special person to be lost to Street Fighter."

  73. friday study with mr.lane - monique's birthday & one of her balloons hit the ceiling and many (all guys & mr.lane mind you) STRUGGLED to get it down - mr.lane was the hero of the day.

  74. we found out who the major creep was in our grade (Cough, Cough)

  75. table full of hispanics :)

  76. PUUUUUTAAAAA!!!!!! (yelled as a angry hispanic woman)

  77. we discovered that there's such a thing as a 'Tight Hoe'

  78. (commercial from the radio about weight loss) -"do you feel fat?" Ari:"yes" Us:LMFAO-ing like idiots

  79. day of confirmation (seeing everybody after church & at caitlin's house made the day a lot better)

  80. taking a hankerchief out of the cut

  81. one time at iHop....the waiter's name was JUAN JOSE.

  82. guess you didn't get the memo of wearing white today

  83. epic fails of sweet 16s this year (sorry but the comments after the parties didn't live up to the expectations of some)

  84. our birthdays were all on tuesday (thuy, suzana, elizabeth. happy birthdayyy!)

  85. kittycat crew (elizabeth, ariel, raquel, christina..working on the other members so we can be on america's best dance crew)

  86. waiting MONTHS to get a aventura album (gracias suzana in the end)

  87. "you can't be my wife, but will you be my tree?" (proposes with a leaf)

  88. "..i was in a earthquake once, people wonder why i didn't die"
  89. thuy wrote a note to elizabeth's mom about the cake she made......and thuy got a note back the next day

  90. "we need to pee on her" (said during a game of PIG)

  91. all we heard was someone sounding like they were having a orgasm.....

  92. too many different card games were played

  93. something you should know: guys keep their wallets in their back pocket
  94. REAL SHORT 2nd date

  95. the movie theater in Fenway was showing : Kick A**

  96. animal planet talk: Babatunde stalking his pray. "Babatunde looks at his prey, looks down, then, looks confused."

  97. this is how most people thought the 2week vacation to Guatemala was spent: the highlight of it -" Elizabeth's probably getting it in with some hot hispanic guy "

  98. NEVER let Stephen teach you what to do to 'baby making music'

  99. FRIENDS AGAINST COD ! (we need your help. we can't lose another person to COD)

  100. "i'm not trying to sound conceited, but when he was talking to me i was staring at my reflection in his glasses...my hair looked pretty good that day"

Congrats, you amazingly read these 100 moments.

and here's to 100 more !

-perfect chemistry :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hoping That It Gets Late Early

Once you have all the time at night to do nothing, it isn't that entertaining. I guess that's where late night talk shows come in. They aren't always entertaining but sometimes the interviews surprise you because they end up being pretty funny.

Here's Jake Gyllenhaal on Late Night with David Letterman.

"Get the hell outta here! So you gonna move for the white man huh?!"

"...look at how sensitive & vulnerable he is, he must be gay; that means women feel safe around me, they trust me, then BANG PREGNANT!"

"East coast, west coast beef, we don't need that."

Late Night:
Good way to end the day.
- Lizi :]