Monday, July 26, 2010

Journey to Jersey

So I went to New Jersey for the weekend..and lemme just say there was a lot to see in such little time.
"Hey, I dare you to take pictures of random drivers"
(this was the only pic i got)
Here's some of what we saw from the Safari :

(Btw...most of the animals did get near the car as we drove by)
Great Adventure :

I was VERY tempted to GTL in New Jersey at our hotel.

(it did have a gym, pool and a laundry room)
Oh well, maybe next time.
- Lizi :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yet Another Date

yes, we did it again. Lizi and I went on another date just to spend some time together before i went up to Maine. and like always we ended up at Gally. so we bought a couple of things (wink, wink) and then went to try on some dresses :) some of them however weren't as flattering as the rest ...

well girls will be girls ;)


Happy 4th

like every years as back as i can remember, my aunt and uncle have taking me and my sister up to Maine for the 4th of July weekend. So we headed up there Thursday afternoon (july 1) and came back Monday afternoon (july 5) and i just wanted to share my mini vaca with y'all :)
take a look:

(the bridge; NH-ME)

(y'all should know this one)
(my NEW bathing suit & glasses)

Enjoy ;)


ok so my older sister works like crazy hours so when she has a day off she tends to plan "adventures" for the whole family..... now this was a while back (around the last week of June~~ i know; i've been slacking. Lizi scolded me enough xP) but getting back to the story we trooped all the way to Dedham just to go to Friendly's and Plaster Fun Time. How exciting!!!!

So here are some pictures:
looks good doesn't it,

Suzy :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Guidos : I Like It

Damnnn, Guidos taking over a Enrique Iglesias music video. Check out the cast of the Jersey Shore in Enrique Iglesias' video "I Like It" featuring Pitbull.

I guess that's how you crash a music video...
Guido Style.
-Lizi :]