Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Tribute To The Best

I didn't watch the BET awards when it aired the other day, but someone mentioned to me that Chris Brown was the one making a tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson.
I saw the video, and it was thee BEST TRIBUTE ever, honestly it is. Don't believe me? then watch the video mannn.

The King Of Pop
would have been proud.
R.I.P.Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's, It's Serani. Just In Case You Never Know

I've heard these songs like a thousand times but it wasn't till the other day I actually saw the video for them. I kinda thought Serani's videos would be a bit more creative; but that's just me.

Just in case you never know,
it's lizi who did this post lol.
byeeee :]

First Date

(we're kinda late on this mainly cause me and suzana went out a couple of weeks ago)
soo we went to newbury street to do some shopping and when we finished we went to get some pizza. once we got at the pizza place we kinda realized there were like three other couples who were on a date we're assuming, and we wanted to be on a date too lol.
here's the before and after on our food :

other things that happened on our 'date':

-the napkins were purposly placed next to suzana (she was gonna make a mess i know it)

-there was some guy whose name started with a S (not gonna say the whole name) and he got a call while he was on his date, he was telling her he'd be right back. when we left i told suzana that he was gonna go to some other girl he had a date with...few min. later he came back; we assumed he couldnt get two girls in one day, he needs to work on his game lol

-apparently the first time round they burnt our pizza; but the one they ended up giving us wasnt burnt..if it was i think we woulda wanted our money back

soo that was our date;

we're planning for a second one lol

- Lizi :]