Monday, February 22, 2010

You Voted And...

(updated 3/1) Sounds a lot like american idol or something, but ANYWAYS. We put up two polls in the beginning of January, and both are now offically closed.
The first poll that closed asked this question: Which Movie Are You Anticipating To See? (Alice in Wonderland -March- OR Toy Story -June-). You guys voted and the results are below:
Alice in Wonderland: 81%
Toy Story: 27%

It wasn't that surprising to us that people voted for Alice in Wonderland. Toy Stoy doesn't look that great anyways, I prefer only the 1st Toy Story but oh well.
So the second poll had this question: Whose going to takeover 2010? (Lady Gaga OR Drake). The results are here amigos -
Lady Gaga: 84%
Drake: 46%
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-Lizi :]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello my name is Juan Jose

Ok so being the weirdo that we are; Lizi and i decided to go to iHOP on Friday after school. Yes i am fully aware we don't get out of school till 1:40 but hey the motto is "breakfast anytime". anyways our friends Tyneeka and Katy tagged along. i knew we were in for an interesting afternoon right from the start. So we gotta talking about the waiter from CPK when Tyneeka says she'll flirt with the waiter if it's a guy. AND sure enough we got a guy waiter. I wanted to burst out laughing wen we found out his name was JUAN JOSE !!!! how Hispanic can u get, i mean come on....

anyways Tyneeka did as she said and at the end of our meal she wanted to leave a number. but not just any number; she left the REJECTION HOTLINE!!!!! it was sooo funny. we couldn't stop laugh while walking out. but it gets better; as were walking around the side of the iHOP Juan Jose sees us and waves from the window. And thats the only memory we have of the poor man. One things for sure I AM NOT GOING TO THAT IHOP EVER AGAIN!!!

(the end result:the food was good)

I'm out
~ Suzy ;)