Monday, January 18, 2010

It Sounds Like a Rugrats Adventure

I think the keyword here is RUGRATS. If only they could show it more often, it would make my day :]

You know what else they needed to show off more often? The CARMICHAELS! There were the only black people on the show, they at least could have had Susie in a few more episodes. Well either way, we first got to meet this family in the episode below.

What's the worst thing ever in the world of Rugrats? Being handcuffed to Angelica. I'd rather be stuck in a blizzard.

Happy Birthday Tommy Pickles!

The next video includes two episodes, one called Reptar 2010 and the other is Stu Gets a Job. So it's already 2010...why isn't Reptar here?

This next video just proves that the Rugrats will always be on an adventure.

I'd Like to Thank :
Angelica, Phil, Lil, Chuckie, Susie,
Stu, DeeDee, Chazz, Grampa, Betty,
Drew, Howard, Charlotte, Boris, Minka,
Spike, Reptar, the Dummi Bears,
Dr. Lipschitz, Cynthia
& of course Tommy Pickles :]

Friday, January 8, 2010

'09 State Of Mind

So it's already been eight days into the new year. Some can say that it started in a interesting way, while others are still wishing that 2009 could be here a little longer. If your one of those people then don't worry, this post can cure your obsession for '09. Just watch this video called Blame It On The Pop (mashup of top 25 billboard hits). Enjoy!

Did you realize that a lot of people
were "down" in 2009 ?
(pay attention to the words in the video)
-Lizi :]

Friday, January 1, 2010

Poll Results


What's the most memorable thing of 2009?
obama's inauguration - 14%
swine - 19%
lady gaga's outfits - 23%
mj's death - 42%

In your opinion was 2009 a good year?
oh snap...its 2009? - 12%
no - 53%
yes - 56%

What's the most memorable thing of the decade?
9/11 - 15%
red sox win the world series - 25%
the 80s came back - 10%
people ACTUALLY voted & payed attention to the candidates for presidency - 15%
the invention of the iPod - 35%