Thursday, March 25, 2010

Au Revoir

If your that slow, I'm sure you couldn't guess that the title of thee post is in french...yuuup; I know french...well I know a few words.
ANYWAYS, today is my LAST DAY IN BOSTON. Yessir, I'm going away to Guatemala, but don't worry I'm not leaving forever. As one person kept saying today, I'm coming back in NOVEMBER...(actually I'm coming back in April)
I kinda forgot to take enough pictures of my packing process, but let me just say, it took me like three hours to pack only my suitcase but I had many distractions (music and texting) that slowed me down a bit.
Although, I do have some pictures of the suitcases that we've already packed. And if you question the suitcase that has the t-shirt with a bottle and a mustache, yeahh definitly leave your comments on that, I wanna see what you guys thought of when you first saw that picture.

Au Revoir,


Auf Wiedersehen.

- Lizi

Monday, March 8, 2010


OK, so Lizi told you all what we did for my B-day but she forgot to mention all the crazy shit we did on her birthday, a few days before.
this trick had me troop all the way to Hyde Park in the fucking snow.
BUT iFL this chicka so i didnt mind :)
so we ended up making cookies that turned out good despite the process of making them LOL

then we watched Toy Story; have u guys even notice the "adult content" Disney sneaks in their movies?
for example: "son of a building block", "uncultured swine", "the word im looking for i cant say b/c there's preschool toys present", && not to mention Bo Peep's seductive voice.
after that we helped Lizi's god sister Ari develop a GUIDE to "how to dance in music videos/ at parties", which included things like, and i quote; "drop it low, pick it up slow, pop that thing 2x..."
And since i spent the night we ordered pizza, and continued to work on this guide :) which is very helpfully if i do say so myself
we even had a late night snack attack and decided to go to the store at 9 to get ice cream
because we're pretty freaking awesome like that ;)

YUPP, so then the next day we went shopping so Lizi could buy an AWESOME dress for my party which was soo much fun [btw]

hope u had fun girlie, luv ya <3>

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Party Over Hereeeee!

Yeah, this post is kinda late but I completly forgot to post this up after the crazy saturday during vacation. So suzana's birthday was January 19th, but she didn't celebrate it till February vacation.
How we rolled: we went through Boston on a bus kids! It had a bar, red leather seats (I think?), tinted windows, a white driver (lol), music bumping, and of course: A Pole in the middle of the bus. Yeahh that pole made the party better? if you wanna put it that way. The hardest thing bout being on a bus like that is that it's VERY DIFFICULT to dance on a moving bus; just thought you should know that.
Best part of being on the bus was when Chris started yelling out the window: "Woo! Party over hereeeeee!" (jersey shore reference), "heyyyy!!". and there were random times we said hi to strangers; they waved back at us, and some flipped us off...yeah thanks.

So if you recall a grey bus on Feb.20

roaming the streets of Boston; and you heard

music bumping & people yelling out the window:

Yeah, that was us xD

-Lizi :]