Monday, June 29, 2009


(Robots in disguise!) Sorry but I had to do that. As you know, the second transformers movie came out this past Wednesday and I didn't see it till the second day it was out, but yeah...I loved it :] Many know that when a movie comes out, they usually have merchandise to help make more money and publicity for their newly done work. Well lemme take you back to what some call the good old days when they made some of the greatest toys...back in the day they made better toys any ways though they were kinda simple but whatever.
(Just so you know, the transformers in the pictures are my brother' they are OLD and CLASSIC, aha.)

I'm on the search for more transformers :]
- Lizi

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Well it's true, the one and only Michael Jackson died today in LA at the age of 50. Although his life in the present was not that great, his past included his better days and will always be remembered. He had Thriller, the number ONE album in the history of music and he will always be remembered for his great music, that black & red outfit (from thriller), that military like jacket, his moonwalk, his sequined glove and a whole lot more. It's sad to see the "King of Pop" aka the role model for many in the music industry to be gone, rip MJ.
music will never be the same

Does Anyone Have Any Anti-Itch Cream ????

first off, let give a lil shout out 2 my 'homie' (the master mind behind it all), Young C. This song is my FAVORITE, but there's a lot more on Youtube [just subscribe 2 Nofear Goonniez] :D Now Enjoy!!!!
im outie ;)
~silly suzy~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey Young World...

...the world is yours." For those who don't know that quote, it's from Slick Rick's song Hey Young World which came out in the 80s. And because it came out in the 80s, the video is TOTALLY, 1million percent 80s, trust me...and if you don't then just watch it. (Notice they lacked special effects so they probably had someone moving the globe, why else would only HALF the globe be seen? And they used a flashlight to add 'special lighting' lol... it just SCREAMS 80s don't it.)
I'm out;
-Lizi :]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sticky Situation

The class of 2009 left the halls of BLA a few weeks ago. And some were back to prove that 09 is the best, especially when it comes to a senior prank. So today, when the rest of the BLA students arrived to school, something seemed very weird. The halls were empty as teachers were warning students to get away from their lockers. If you take a closer look you would see 2009 written over some lockers and glue basically covered all the locks on the lockers. The class of 2009 made sure nobody could and would top them prankwise; but the pranksters (haha) got something for them in return.
It wasn't until third period that the principal announced that all the locks with glue on them would be cut off, the two seniors were in trouble, got arrested, are going to court, are fined, have to pay for the property they 'destroyed' with glue and can no longer go to the college they got accepted into; DAMN, doesn't that suck. You have to admit their prank was great, especially seeing some 7th and 8th graders kicking their locks to open em. We go to BLA but we got some who kick locks to open em? That shows we're a smart school, pffft. Anyways, we really haven't seen or heard of a good prank since we got into the school, but this senior prank was hilarious and now the future graduating classes have to live up to one of the best senior pranks yet.

All that is left to say is:

Sticky Situation solved.

And now it's time to cause more havoc, so BLA prepare yourself.

Sincerly, Lizi :]

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We sound like such gamers

well uhmm, me and beshaunn seem to have an 'addiction' to GTA:Chinatown Wars. I play it like all the time since I have the game for myself, but he uses his bro's ds to play, haha. Anyways, we were talking bout the game earlier, and this is how the conversation went (and don't try to use the names, they aren't our actual screennames genius)
Ese: still playing gta?
Lizi: not rite now but yesterday i was :]
Lizi: i kept on killin ppl; i kept on dying; it jus wasnt my day lol
Ese: lmao
Lizi: chaa
Ese: i see, maybe u should stop killin ppl, so dat way da cops dont try to kill u
Lizi: noo
Lizi: i kept on dying cuz OTHER PPL were tryin to kill me .
Lizi: duhh !
Lizi: lol
Ese: lol, then u must suck
Lizi: (this wud sound weird if we were tlkin bout real life]
Lizi: lol yeh it does
Lizi: wait, noo im good at gta
Lizi: shuddup
Ese: lmao. if u say so. dat game is so easy. but all i do is sell drugs all the time
Lizi: lol thts y you say its EASY
Ese: (once again this wud sound weird if were talkin bout real life)
Lizi: dumbass. jkay.
Ese: lol yea it is easy
Lizi: of course; sellin drugs is one of the easiest things in the game; next to the other jobs thereeee
Ese: yea, but i mastered it. u only sell drugs to certain gangs cuz they pay more. like u buy weed only from the jamaicans,
Lizi: lol i know tht
Ese: ya,
Ese: dats the funnest part!
Lizi: its the funnest part?
Lizi: cmon; the missions got more excitement
Lizi: (we sound like such gamers ! ]
Lizi: lmfao
Ese: lmfao i kno right
Lizi: yup
Lizi: its a lil sad but funny too
and so the conversation continued on to more things; but yeahh, we're gamers who are trying to bring awareness of an important cause that we started but never went through with really: Adopt A Kanye ! (remember, lol)
imma go play gta now :]

"Ohh Snap, I Graduated?"

CLASS OF 2009 of BLA graduated today; and I was at that graduation in the stands watching those 250, yes I said TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY students from BLA graduated. Majority of them are staying in the state for college next year, but my sis is going to LONDON for fashion :]

I would post a few videos (of 30 seconds each) up but they aren't that great; if I have the time I might post Wasami getting his diploma, you wanna know why? HE WAS THE 250th student, the last one of the '09 class to get his diploma so the crowd was more excited for him being the last one, not much of the fact that he's Wasami lol.
(and remember, if you didn't label the inside of your cap, you probably couldn't identify it once you & 249 other students threw it in the air. And if you didn't turn your tassel w/black &yellow & 09 on it to your left, you didn't graduate!)
well I'm gonna go party it up w/these people
-Lizi xD

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are You F***ing Serious???

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Jonas Brothers but this is a little too much:
Joe dancing to single Ladies.... like WTF???
I am so disappointed right now!

out: xD


This world is full of many distractions, be it good or bad. Right now I'm being distracted by typing this right now when I should be working on a 8 page paper for bio due tomorrow, but uhm, oh well.

Have you ever felt like you didn't have the words or courage to express how you feel bout something or someone? I've seen that lately, and not to be rude, but at times, it's kinda funny. You know what else is funny, the movie UP. I saw it two days ago, and i loved it :] it's very funny and of course entertaining, especially the pet named Kevin, whose a bird. Another great pet was Doug, OMFG, he was a talking dog, it's on that disney level but who cares. What made that day even better was having a frozen treat while having a cinematic adventure lmao. You should check that movie out, it's good, especially that lil kid Russell (whose a wilderness explorer lol), ahh man he's hilarious all like "Wow! I've never been in a floating house before" or when he was like "With my wilderness explorer GPS, we'll never be lost. -Ooops." lmao.

I haven't made a list, but some movies I wanna see this year are: ice age, the princess and the frog, public enemies, transformers, the hangover, funny people, I would say TWILIGHT, but uhh, :P noo wayy ! gross.
uhmm, I still needa think of some more that I wanna see, but yeahh.....still being fully distracted. Till I figure it out, uhmmm
im outt;
-lizi :]